Our standing within our company, community, partners, and industry peers significantly influences the perceived value of our products and services by our customers. We firmly believe that adhering to ethical and responsible business practices directly contributes to the success and prosperity of our company.

As a company operating in a closely regulated industry, strict compliance with all regulations is at the heart of our reputation as a responsible leader. We hold ourselves accountable and expect the same ethical standards from our employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers.

Our fundamental values of safety, respect, integrity, and drive are deeply ingrained in our Code of Conduct, which sets the bar for ethical behavior and compliance with the laws and regulations governing our operations. All employees undergo annual training on our Code of Conduct and are encouraged to report any concerns through our 24/7 ethics and compliance hotline.

Our Ethics and Compliance (E&C) Office continuously enhances our policies, practices, and training to align with the ever-evolving regulatory and compliance landscape of our industry. They diligently investigate suspected violations of company policies or industry regulations and coordinate appropriate corrective actions. The E&C program is seamlessly integrated throughout our organization, across all locations, and at every level of the company.

By upholding the highest ethical standards, we foster trust and confidence among our stakeholders, ensuring the long-term success of our business while promoting a culture of responsibility, integrity, and compliance across the company.

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