We seek to be the employer, supplier, neighbor and investment of choice through our continual growth and innovation. We aim to identify and build long-term relationships with our suppliers to ensure safe and reliable operations. A key enabler of our vision is the active and ongoing inclusion of minority, women, senior, and others with a disability-owned business as well as small business enterprises in CPChem’s supplier diversity program.  

Maintaining a diverse supply base is fundamental to stimulating local economic development, enhancing innovation, and enabling maximum benefit to long- term business and operational performance.

At the core of our values lies a firm belief that supporting sustainable and diverse suppliers leads to the ongoing enhancement of not only our suppliers but also our customers and communities worldwide. This unwavering commitment reflects our dedication to sustainability, social responsibility, and diverse excellence, which are fundamental aspects of our company’s ethos.

By actively embracing sustainable and diverse suppliers, we foster a positive impact on the global ecosystem. Our strong belief in these principles drives us to continuously seek improvement in our supply chain, operations, and partnerships, ensuring that we create a lasting and positive influence in the world around us.

We recognize that sustainable practices, social responsibility, and diversity are key drivers of progress and prosperity for all stakeholders. By integrating these values into our business approach, we strive to be a responsible corporate citizen, contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Through collaboration and cooperation with our suppliers, customers, and communities, we aspire to be a force for positive change, making a meaningful difference in the lives of people and the well-being of the planet. Together, we work towards building a brighter future that embraces diversity, promotes sustainability, and nurtures a sense of shared responsibility for the world we inhabit.

The conveyor system and the drum mold at the plant for the production of ammonium nitrate
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