Hydrogen peroxide is often used as an oxidant in such metallurgical process steps

such as ore leaching, concentrate preparation or effluent treatment. Depending on the

ore composition as well as the leaching conditions, utilization of hydrogen peroxide

results in savings of effluent treatment reagents and acids, simplifies management of

chemicals or wastes and improves the overall process performance.


Group of young people working in charitable foundation. Happy volunteer separating donation stuff. Volunteers sort donations during food drive. Working together as a team. Copy space.


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Scientist working in lab

Safety (HSSE)

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Barrels and cans of motor oil on shelves

Supplier Priciple of Conduct

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The conveyor system and the drum mold at the plant for the production of ammonium nitrate

Supplier Diversity

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close-up of colorful medical tubes placed in a plastic rack, in a laboratory


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Farm, hand and plant of farmer on agriculture field for harvest and eco friendly or sustainable far.


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